Client advice

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1. Blankets and boots are not allowed during the flight. Also we advise you to remove overreach boots from the hind legs. Blankets, boots and overreach boots that will be travelling with the horse, have to be labelled with at least the name of the horse. (This only applies to flights)

2. All horses from the E.U. to the U.S.A. must have the following pre-export tests done: Piroplasmosis, Equine Infectious Anaemia, Glanders, Dourine. Additionally mares and stallions older than 731 days must also do a CEM test.

3. Young horses not used to travelling, might lose weight during the transport, because they may experience some stress even though we are doing our best to avoid this. Horses departing from an area with a cold climate to an area with a much warmer climate, may need some days after arrival to acclimatize.
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4. We advise our clients to put only a thin blanket on their horse and no protective leg wear. Especially during long transports this will only irritate the horse. Chances are the horse will transpire underneath the leg wear and then kick to try to relieve itself of the itch, possibly causing injury. Our trucks have a smooth finish, which means that horses almost can’t hurt themselves anymore.

5. All horses have to be chipped (or have a DNA profile) before they can be transported. At all times the driver has to be in possession of the passports of all horses on the truck, in which the chip, chip number (or DNA profile) have been registered.

6. Please wire payments for horses/transportation in time, so you are sure that they have been received before the horse is scheduled to depart. A cancellation after the quarantine in the USA has been booked, will cost at least $600 extra for booking a new spot in the quarantine facility. Cancelling a flight less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure can cost more than 100% of the original price, depending on the time of the cancellation.