Horse Transport EU

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Annually, BSS transports more than 5500 horses throughout Europe. We are a middle-size company in the field of horse transport services.BSS has 5 trucks, from 2-horse combinations to trailers for 18 horses, which service all possible destinations. From Greece to a tiny village near Harderwijk (the Netherlands), every horse is transported safely and professionally, in spotless, new equipment.

BSS offers several kinds of services. Besides our regular weekly routes throughout Europe, we have many professional as well as private clients including clinics, farriers and airline companies. Our drivers are thoroughly knowledgeable about horses and will find a suitable solution in any situation. All our employees are certificated by nVWA / CCV. BSS has an International operator license.

For transport by air we make use of several specialized agents, both nationally and internationally. These agents are also our main commissioners for our horse transport by air. BSS can help you with certification and necessary texts for your horses  to intercontinental destinations.

Tariffs for horse transports by land vary per transport, and are not just based on mileage. As each client has his or her specific wishes, that will determine the transport cost way or return trip, truck or combination for two horses, waiting period, national, international, one or more etc., etc.

On our website you can find the special offers for the next few weeks and the possibilities for transporting your horse to various destinations. BSS is a reliable partner for transporting your horse in Europe or other destinations around the world.

Prinsjesdag 2013 Hoefsmid polopaarden sportpaarden

 BSS Specialism and special clients

1.    BSS transports horses throughout the EU. Horses have the possibility to travel dedicated (truck special for 1 client) as wel as on a co-loading (multiple horses of multiple clients on route). BSS provides frequent transports (weekly or once in 2 weeks) to:  Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and United Kingdom / Ireland.   As well private people, as stables and business related clients are welcome to join our services.

2.    Other countries on which we have regular trips to:  Portugal, Greece, Cyprus Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lthiuania and Slowakia

3.    BSS transports horses for agents for Intercontinental transports

4.    BSS supplies transport of Polo-horses individual, as well as Polo-teams throughout Europe.

5.    Transport to Hunting-, show-, dressage- or  other events

6.    Individueel transport of your horse to Hospital or farrier

7.    Weekly transport for governments.  (police, AID, LID, Inspection , Department of Agriculture and defence)

8.    In Holland, as well as in France, UK and Italy, Racing- and polo events with horses upcoming. Last year, BSS transported a huge amount of these horses, which is still increasing