Conseil à la clientèle

1. Blankets and bandages are not allowed during the flight, and some good advices are to remove the shoes from the rear legs. Blankets, bandages and other items, following the horse, should be marked with at least the name of the horse. (only on flights)

2. Wire payments for horses/transportation in time, so you are sure that this has been received before the horse is planed to leave, while cancellation, after booking quarantine in US, will cost you at least USD 600 extra for a new space at the quarantine. Cancellation of flights later than
48 hours prior to scheduled departure can cost up 100%, depending on the time of cancellation.

3. All horses from E.U. to U.S.A. most do the following pre-export tests:
Piroplasmosis . Coggins . Glanders . Dourine
Mares and Stallions older than 731 days most also do CEM-test. More information on the page Import – Export.

4. Young horses, not used to travel, might lose weight during the transport, while they might get stressed even we are doing our best to avoid this. Horse leaving from an area with cold climate to an area with very hot climate, might need some days after arrival to acclimatize.