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Every year, BSS Horse Transport transports around 6,200 horses around the world. Since its foundation in 1996, we can now compete with the medium-sized to large horse transporters in Europe. In addition, since 2009 we also transport horses outside the EU.

If you are aware of the fact that you are going to transport horses, you can find all the information you need regarding transport on our website. You can find scheduled transports to different countries. If your destination is listed in the right time, you can fill in the quotation form. This form will automatically be sent to our inbox so  we can send you a response and quotation as soon as possible and start planning your transport.

The transport of horses requires a lot of paperwork, from the request of the transport to inspections that your horse has to pass before he can depart from place of origin. Because of our many years of experience, none of that paperwork is strange to us anymore, BSS’ staff is familiar with the steps that precede the transport and will be happy to help you. When your horse is transported abroad, an NVWA inspection must be carried out, an export inspection. This inspection shows whether your horse is healthy and fit and whether he can travel. Throughout the year we do many inspections so we can quickly and easily request these inspections for you.

The term horse transport covers a lot of services. Below you can find what we at BSS Horse Transport do to meet your needs. Various specialisms of Horse Transport are:

  • Every week we have trucks from BSS to Spain, Scandinavia and France and every two weeks there is a transport to Italy, Austria, Hungary and England. Co-loading and private journeys are used on these journeys. Co-loading: several horses from several customers are transported on the same transport. Private: your horse(s) is / are transported alone and not combined with other horses from other customers.
  • BSS transports horses for various agents to the larger airports of Europe.
  • BSS regularly transports teams. Among other things, we transport polo teams, hunting horses and carousel teams all year round.
  • Your horse can be transported individually to a clinic or farrier.
  • Transport of horses for various authorities, such as police services, AID, MID, animal police and Minister of Agriculture.
  • Departments of Defence, such as Corps Artillerie and the Prinsjesdag organisation make use of our services every year.
  • Mini horse transport is also part of our services.

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Besides the above services we also have a 24-hour service, in which we can transport your horse quickly and efficiently at night and in emergencies. So we are ready for you day and night with drivers who understand the horse industry and have very good knowledge of horses. They have the correct permits of professional competence, which have become mandatory by law.

For the air transport of your horse to another continent, in we make use of various specialised agents both at home and abroad. Certification and necessary texts are often provided by ourselfes.

The rates for horse transport by road are different per transport and cannot be linked to a mileage. Each customer has specific wishes, on which we calculate our prices. (single trip, truck or two-horse combination, return trip, waiting times, national, international, one horse or more.)

On our website you will find online the offer for the next five weeks and the possibilities of transporting your horse to various destinations.

Do you want to know which documents can all come in handy during a transport? View all documents here.


All our transports and vehicles comply with the latest legal requirements in accordance with:
COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations and amending Directives 64/432/EEC and 93/119/EC and Regulation (EC) No 1255/97.

Approval number BSS HORSE TRANSPORT BV / BSS Paardentransporten BV:16511

Our NVWA transport operating licence (type 2) in accordance with Article 11(1) of Regulation 1/2005 applies to :

Animal transports < 65 kilometres (short transports)
Animal transports < 8 hours (short transports)
Animal transports > 8 hours (long transports)

Our cars are RDW-approved and have the relevant RDW certificates of approval for long journeys in accordance with Article 18 of Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005.

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Certificates and approvals:

NIWO permit

Authorisation for transporters

Certificate of approval of the means of road transport for long journeys 1
Certificate of approval of the means of road transport for long journeys 2
Certificate of approval of the means of road transport for long journeys 3
Certificate of approval of the means of road transport for long journeys 4
Certificate of approval of the means of road transport for long journeys 5

Member of the AATA


BSS HORSE TRANSPORT is a member of the Animal Transport Association, an international non-profit organisation that aims at the safe and humane transport of animals. The AATA is an organization with a worldwide membership of various parties. They serve as a tool for those who care about the humane handling and transport of animals. AATA initiates and encourages the related organisations to develop best practices in animal transport.